Storyboard Artist – 30 Years In The Making

Well, it has taken sometime, thirty years in fact but Dean Mortensen, formerly of George Patterson, Young and Rubicam Sydney has finally decided to branch out on his own. Dean, a highly accomplished and seasoned advertising agency art director has spent three decades creating television commercials for all the major Australian brands in the tourism, alcohol, motor vehicles, entertainment, FMCG, Retail Services, telecommunications, and sport industries.


So finally after all these years, he has decided to carve out a niche of his own, specializing in the field of pre-visualization, concepts and animatics. With Dean’s exceptional drawing skills, he has the uncommon ability to work very closely with film directors in a way that is best described as “conceptually filmic“.

With the artist’s eye and his depth of experience, Dean is able to quickly capture the shot or camera angle that is quite literally taken by the film director as gospel. Just take a look at his before and after video’s and you will see just how accurate his vision is when it comes to knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Currently working out of a co-op studio in the historic Valhalla cinema building in Glebe, Sydney – Australian based, Dean is offering his services as a freelance storyboard artist. He works in a variety of finishes and sizes, so that any art director will find exactly what the campaign brief requires.

Whether it is quick small, black white storyboard frames, or pencil sketch free form concepts all the way to full color highly detailed concept boards, storyboards or animatics Dean has you covered.

For more information about Dean Mortensen the Sydney storyboard artist freelancer, just visit his website at

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Cartoon Me – Exercise In Learning To See



Video Lessons – Free

How well can you see? See Well. Draw Well. It is that easy. To test how well
you see things that a look at this video and try the exercise for yourself.
This exercise involves watching my video and observing how the drawing of a
cartoon character comes together by clicking on a few buttons in the "MyWebFace" free
cartoon maker.

It is not as easy as it looks, as you have to be able to judge distances well,
analyze proportions and observe colors. You can do this exercise yourself,
by downloading the free cartoon maker tool, at "MyWebFace" just click
this link to get it
. Make sure you watch the video first to get an understanding
of how to decide on what eyes, mouth, nose, hair etc to chose.

Just by looking more intently at your reference, whether it is a photo or
a live subject, you will be setting the foundation for becoming a better artist.

First you must SEE correctly before you can DRAW accurately.

The old masters knew this very well, now it is your turn to discover this
secret that many people don’t know.

When you create a cartoon version of yourself, send it along and I will post
it on the page for others to see!

Be judged the best each week and win a free copy of "Fun
With Caricatures – 7 Days to Cartoon Success

Competition details posted soon.

Artist Secrets Exposed

Just Announced: Artist Secrets Exposed

How Two Artists Made Over $5 Million
Working From Home Selling Art

Today March 25 2009, Learn To Draw is proud to announce the most anticipated
event of the year, the soon to be released "Artist Secrets Exposed".

Artist’s Greg Gillespie and Graeme Biddle have decided to reveal all of their
best kept trade secrets, on how they have managed to capitalize on their art
skills and amass personal fortunes of over $5 million dollars. They have decided
to release their secrets in the hope that others may learn how to profit from
their own art talents, and make a good living doing something that is fun and
easy to do.

If you have ever wondered just how to go about making money from your art
skills, then this ebook should prove a very interesting read. If you are able
to tick any of the following boxes then you should find this book a very profitable
read indeed.

Are You:

  • Wondering how to make money from your art, working from home?
  • Keen to make some extra income for the family that won’t take you away
    from them?
  • Recently retrenched or made redundant and the prospect of another job is
    rather dim?
  • Still employed, (for now) and wondering how to get a start in your own
  • Have enough skill to hold a brush and are wondering if this is all it takes
    to make some money?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above then you need to reserve your
copy of "Artist Secrets Exposed". Numbers are limited.

artist secrets exposedGraeme and Greg are going to outline their exact tactics for sizing up a market
via failsafe research on what is currently being bought – not just what people
are trying to sell, preparing sample jobs, prospecting for business, creating
the repeat customer with ease, explore over a dozen different ways of making
money with art that are so easy that it’s like child’s play. No really, some
of their techniques really are child’s play and there is no reason that anybody
with the slightest ability to hold a brush could not profit from their great
ideas for creating art and selling it to a hungry public.

This is not a how guide of all the regular rehashed ideas you could find in
any old community art school, no way. This is art from home in the age of the
Internet, and along with ability to take advantage of these modern wonders
comes their unique way of connecting with like minded folks to help foster
a culture and community that will encourage even the most remote of people
across the globe.

More Than Just A Book

Graeme and Greg have a lot of things planned to help make this a reality for
those who are keen to copy their success. Later in the year in partnership
with Learn To Draw, they will be releasing their Home Art Business course that
will take keen students to the next level via extensive video tutorials and
exact step by step instructions. Included will be easy to follow templates
that take the guess work out of the equation. Students will be given every
assistance to build their very own home based art business. Students who show
promise will be invited to join the personal mentoring program in the area
of their choice. This will be the ultimate hands on personal tuition that will
prove invaluable to those lucky few who rise up through the ranks to launch
themselves onto the world stage as artists in their own right.

Many things are going to come together fast for the keen to learn amongst
us and we are set to hand over the keys to the kingdom for anyone willing to
get their hands covered in paint with the prospect of turning art materials
into cash.

Please let us know your interest by poping your first name and email on this
form below. For those who act quickly, there will be great rewards!

How To Profit From Selling Your Caricatures Over and Over Again


Part 2

If you missed part one you can find it here.

Before we go any further you may remember I mentioned a master artist by the
name of Graeme Biddle in part one. If you are looking to get the inside skinny
on how to learn the slick art of caricaturing, Graeme is just the man to teach

Graeme runs a home study course that goes over 21 days and is based on his
video instructions in a step by step fashion. He reveals all his tricks of
the trade he has amassed over his 30 years in the profession. If you are keen
to learn how to:

  1. Draw caricatures quickly and easily to make some extra cash
  2. Learn the art of the repeat caricature
  3. Become skilled in the upsell from the $20 caricature to the $1200 model
  4. Discover a secret source of caricature that never dries up

then you should check this guy out.

It is very affordable and is guaranteed with a full 60 day money back policy
that is second to none, I personally know people who have given it a try and
found it to be an awesome resource. But hey I am digressing a little here,
you probably already know how to draw caricatues perfectly well and know these
things anyway, but for those who don’t I can show you where to find this gem
of a course at the end of our lesson.

Lets get back to assuming you have all
your caricatures together and you want to know how to attract all the traffic
you are going to need to make a good chunk of sales.

example site Here
is an example of what a site could look like, that is going to do very well
selling caricatures of celebs, in fact this guy does exactly that and has been
doing it for a long time.

He sells his artwork of famous people over and over and over again, by selling
limited edition posters for $20 and $40 dollar a piece (£15 and £30 if you
are in England). Now I don’t have a clue how well this guy does but by the
look of his work, I would imagine very well indeed. I found this site by Googling
“celebrity caricatures” but I didn’t get there directly, I had to
come by another site to finally find this guy. Why is that you may ask, as
surely someone this good should be at the top of Google right?

Well no. But his link page or link site was and that makes all the difference
in traffic. Having a feeder site to do your fishing and then bring in the big
fish in a true “two step” fashion is how it works. How do you learn these tricks
of getting traffic to your site?

There are two ways, one the long and hard road to success or secondly the
pathway that offers some leverage or assistance to get there. I have travelled
both these paths as an artist trying to find ways to get traffic to my site
and I can tell you the second option is preferred if you want to make things
happen quickly.

How To Build Your Site – Who To Choose?

The people I recommend you use are a group that would have to be the most
professional and reliable mob to choose to make the task of setting up your
website and driving the targeted traffic that you need, is a group called Site
Build It (SBI). You don’t need to know html, or be a geek or possess any degree
in computer programming. All their templates are easy to customie to your own
look’n’feel as they say and they take you through the whole process step by
step at a pace you can easily understand. And all importantly, afford.

Many site creation tools out there are nothing more than “hosting bait” to
get you in on a cheap web hosting package, only to wash you up big time when
they start to charge you for extra traffic. The $4.95 hosting with a free website
deal sounds too good to refuse for many but if you are going to be getting
any serious traffic to your site, you may find you are paying a whole lot more
than you bargained for. SBI doesn’t do this, you pay a flat monthly fee and
that is it, and they guarantee that you will be in the top 1% of all websites
for your chosen keywords (think audience here) or your money back. It doesn’t
get any better than that. (I just hope not too many of my high paying clients
find out about this as I will be out of a job permanently!)

How To Target Teens With Your Caricatures and How To Sell To Them

There are several tools you can to get this job done but naturally I have
my favorite.

By the way, there is the long hard way to the top of Google or the fast easy
“two step” way I hinted at earlier on.

Let’s Follow An Example:

  1. Go to Google
  2. Type “mobile phone wallpapers”
  3. Click on the third link from the top,

So what do we have here hey? A mobile phone website where members can upload
and download ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers and other cool mobile stuff.

Do you reckon anyone comes to this site? Well, look a little closer at the
home page and you will see it currently has 3.2 million registered members!
I almost feel like I need to be putting my “pinky” in the corner of mouth a-la
Dr Evil style when I say that out loud. Whooa! That is a lot of potential customers,
but get this they have had 6.5 Billion downloads!!! Dr Evil…

Join this site like I did and get into the forum, the uploads of your cool
caricatures and start to connect with other users (esp the ones at the top
of the totem) and just watch the downloads of your cool celebrity wallpapers.
And make sure you have your profile up to date with your link to your own website,
where users can get more of your stuff. This is the secret and second part
of the “two step” approach to website traffic.

Your Website, Now You Have Traffic, Targeted Traffic That Is!

OK, so how to setup your site to make some money.

Follow these simple steps and you won’t go wrong.

  1. Make sure you deliver on your promises and have some more FREE wallpapers
    to go
  2. Ensure that you have only registered users or subscribers to your site,
    allowed to download, just like on
  3. Then setup your auto responder email series (you know the emails that automatically
    come out to you after you sign up on most sites these days) so that you have
    your latest wallpapers announced to your biggest fans
  4. These ones they have to pay for, once again, they trust you and have had
    some good free stuff up until now and so they won’t mind paying a dollar
    a month to join.
  5. They then tell their friends by texting them and sharing stuff around,
    and this leads back to you and more sales.
  6. Get just a fraction of the 3.2 million to sign up for your caricature membership
    site and you will have a solid income based on caricatures you did once and
    sold over and over and over again.

ie. 3,200,000 x .001 = 3,200 members each paying you $12 per year and you
have $38,000 income, and remember that is only one one hundred of a percent.
Not 10% or 1% but .1% or just one in one thousand. Now what if you could get
2 or 3 out of every one thousand visitors to their site? $76,000 or $114,000…OK
getting a little ahead of ourselves here, steady on but you get the picture
don’t you?


So who do you think is going to sell more celebrity caricatures, you or the
guy with the posters? I don’t know but I bet you he doesn’t have 3.2 million
registered visitors to his site, that for sure!

I hope you have found this helpful and if you would like any more information
please feel free to contact me, Greg Gillespie by email info @
(remove the spaces).Greg Gillespie

For more information the recommended services here, you can click these links
to find out more.

Lesson Two Secrets

My 2 Secret Source of Caricature Subjects who Caricature Themselves

Now when you are first starting out as a caricature artist, you have a need
that must be met otherwise you will surely stunt your growth.

Remember when your parents told you Don’t smoke it will stunt your growth!
and then you out grew them?

Figures hey?

Old wives tales are pretty much just that, old tales told by your mother or

Well this isn’t one of them.

Nope, no way, uh uh “ forget about it!

Seriously now, this one you are going to love.

Imagine An Endless Stream of People, Fun People Lining Up To Have Their Caricatures
Done Pulling all Sorts of Funny Faces “ and then “ Holding Still!

That’s right I have a secret supply of people of all shapes and sizes, who
are there for you to study from at least 3 different angles sometimes 4. (Big
advantage here, different angles help you to get a better 3 dimensional picture
in your mind about what their face is really doing!)

These subjects don’t mind hamming it up for you and often show no signs of
embarrassment at pulling the seriously funny faces that you have ever seen.

So What is IT? A Book or eBook?


Some sort of study manual or program?

Guess Again

Some videos on Youtube?

Uh Uh!

Here it is¦

how to draw caricaturesA website that contains thousands of peoples faces assembled in Photo Strips
that have been uploaded over many years.

This is an enthusiasts website where people can upload their actual photo
booth strips that have come out of those machines we see at train stations,
airports, bus terminals and in the shopping malls.

They scan them and upload for you to use as caricature subjects.

They are black and white shots, so they are perfect for getting a good look
at different types of faces and personalities.

We all know what it is like to ham it up a littlein a photo booth with
a boyfriend or girlfriend, so I think you will get the picture on this.

People distorting their faces in all sorts of ways to look a little weird.
And you know what, that is exactly what your job is as a caricaturist “ make
people look a little weird.

It is true “ people laugh when you make them look a little weird!

They laugh because they are seeing themselves in a different way to what they
are used to. This is profoundly funny.

Most people think of exaggeration to the max when you mention the word caricature.
It is what is conjured up in our minds because that is what springs to mind
first without much thought.

Yep we are lazy and don’t want to think to much “ why? Because it hurts!

It hurts to think, so when given the opportunity to not think we grab it every
time. But really the ones who push the envelop so to speak are the ones who
do the thinking for us.

To give you another example and let you in on another trade secret that will
point you towards proving my point and plopping down in front of you another
seemingly unlimited supply of distorted faces for you to study, draw, sketch
or emulate to create your own style of caricature drawing is this¦

Apple Photo booth Images

Simply go to and type in apple photo booth and
take a browse through the results.

You will find all sorts of goofy shots to practise with.

Here are a few that I think would be good to start with:



Here Lies The Secret “ That Most Junior Artists Miss

It is not whether I can make their nose big and call it a caricature and get
away with it, BUT it is plainly a RECOGNISEABLE rendition of the person, HOWEVER
DISTORTED you want to make it.

Now let me say it again, it (the fundamental at play here) is how recognisable
is the drawing? Not how true to life is it (that would be a portrait “ and
there is a big difference between the two) but how much do they look like themselves
without looking like someone next to them.

You see, very rarely will you have that dilemma (perhaps if you are drawing
identical twins, there are trick here too) most people have subtle differences
in their features that when sitting side by side with a friend, even one that
looks similar (birds of feather, flock to¦you know what I mean) there will
be always a recognisable difference.

When you can identify the difference then it is time to pounce!

To Round Things Up Here

Have a good look at these two resources and see what you can come up with.

Simple Exercise You Can Do

You will need:

  1. 2B pencil and sharpener
  2. Stacks of white copy paper
  3. Artist black felt tip sign pen
  4. Photo booth or strip images to print

Then do the following:

Step 1:
Print the photo or photo strip on a sheet of paper

Step 2:
Grab your 2B pencil, sharpen to a flat point, not too sharp

Step 3:
Begin with some shape sketches, not too much detail, keep it loose.

Step 4:
Repeat step 3 but his time add in some more details, you can go over old sketches
or start with fresh paper.

Step 5:
When you have done the above enough times to produce a good rough then it is
time to do finished one with your artist felt tip pen

And that is it.

You will be able to create a nice portfolio of zany goofed up and far out
caricatures in no time.

NB. Remember it is not the quality of your drawing, loose or tight that matters
it is the feelingbehind it that stands out the most. You can do this, not
what skill level you currently have, it is simply and seriously fun with caricatures
that you can’t go wrong if you follow these easy steps to success!


If you would like to find out more, why not sign up for my sneak preview of
the now famous,

Serious Fun With Caricature “ 21 Days to Cartoon Mega Profitshome study
course. SNEAK PEAK “ PREVIEW it’s Free!


I will send you some sample chapter so you can take a peak inside at what
over 60 others have been using as a valuable training source for their own
caricature careers.

Just enter your first name and email address below and I will send it to you
over the next few days so you can decide for yourself if this is what you are
looking for.


Don’t worry, I promise to keep your email address private, as I hate spam
as much as you do!

Good luck with your caricature drawing!


Graeme Biddle
Serious Fun With Caricatures


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