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How well can you see? See Well. Draw Well. It is that easy. To test how well
you see things that a look at this video and try the exercise for yourself.
This exercise involves watching my video and observing how the drawing of a
cartoon character comes together by clicking on a few buttons in the "MyWebFace" free
cartoon maker.

It is not as easy as it looks, as you have to be able to judge distances well,
analyze proportions and observe colors. You can do this exercise yourself,
by downloading the free cartoon maker tool, at "MyWebFace" just click
this link to get it
. Make sure you watch the video first to get an understanding
of how to decide on what eyes, mouth, nose, hair etc to chose.

Just by looking more intently at your reference, whether it is a photo or
a live subject, you will be setting the foundation for becoming a better artist.

First you must SEE correctly before you can DRAW accurately.

The old masters knew this very well, now it is your turn to discover this
secret that many people don’t know.

When you create a cartoon version of yourself, send it along and I will post
it on the page for others to see!

Be judged the best each week and win a free copy of "Fun
With Caricatures – 7 Days to Cartoon Success

Competition details posted soon.

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