Lesson Two Secrets

My 2 Secret Source of Caricature Subjects who Caricature Themselves

Now when you are first starting out as a caricature artist, you have a need
that must be met otherwise you will surely stunt your growth.

Remember when your parents told you Don’t smoke it will stunt your growth!
and then you out grew them?

Figures hey?

Old wives tales are pretty much just that, old tales told by your mother or

Well this isn’t one of them.

Nope, no way, uh uh “ forget about it!

Seriously now, this one you are going to love.

Imagine An Endless Stream of People, Fun People Lining Up To Have Their Caricatures
Done Pulling all Sorts of Funny Faces “ and then “ Holding Still!

That’s right I have a secret supply of people of all shapes and sizes, who
are there for you to study from at least 3 different angles sometimes 4. (Big
advantage here, different angles help you to get a better 3 dimensional picture
in your mind about what their face is really doing!)

These subjects don’t mind hamming it up for you and often show no signs of
embarrassment at pulling the seriously funny faces that you have ever seen.

So What is IT? A Book or eBook?


Some sort of study manual or program?

Guess Again

Some videos on Youtube?

Uh Uh!

Here it is¦


how to draw caricaturesA website that contains thousands of peoples faces assembled in Photo Strips
that have been uploaded over many years.

This is an enthusiasts website where people can upload their actual photo
booth strips that have come out of those machines we see at train stations,
airports, bus terminals and in the shopping malls.

They scan them and upload for you to use as caricature subjects.

They are black and white shots, so they are perfect for getting a good look
at different types of faces and personalities.

We all know what it is like to ham it up a littlein a photo booth with
a boyfriend or girlfriend, so I think you will get the picture on this.

People distorting their faces in all sorts of ways to look a little weird.
And you know what, that is exactly what your job is as a caricaturist “ make
people look a little weird.

It is true “ people laugh when you make them look a little weird!

They laugh because they are seeing themselves in a different way to what they
are used to. This is profoundly funny.

Most people think of exaggeration to the max when you mention the word caricature.
It is what is conjured up in our minds because that is what springs to mind
first without much thought.

Yep we are lazy and don’t want to think to much “ why? Because it hurts!

It hurts to think, so when given the opportunity to not think we grab it every
time. But really the ones who push the envelop so to speak are the ones who
do the thinking for us.

To give you another example and let you in on another trade secret that will
point you towards proving my point and plopping down in front of you another
seemingly unlimited supply of distorted faces for you to study, draw, sketch
or emulate to create your own style of caricature drawing is this¦

Apple Photo booth Images

Simply go to Google.com/images and type in apple photo booth and
take a browse through the results.

You will find all sorts of goofy shots to practise with.

Here are a few that I think would be good to start with:



Here Lies The Secret “ That Most Junior Artists Miss

It is not whether I can make their nose big and call it a caricature and get
away with it, BUT it is plainly a RECOGNISEABLE rendition of the person, HOWEVER
DISTORTED you want to make it.

Now let me say it again, it (the fundamental at play here) is how recognisable
is the drawing? Not how true to life is it (that would be a portrait “ and
there is a big difference between the two) but how much do they look like themselves
without looking like someone next to them.

You see, very rarely will you have that dilemma (perhaps if you are drawing
identical twins, there are trick here too) most people have subtle differences
in their features that when sitting side by side with a friend, even one that
looks similar (birds of feather, flock to¦you know what I mean) there will
be always a recognisable difference.

When you can identify the difference then it is time to pounce!

To Round Things Up Here

Have a good look at these two resources and see what you can come up with.

Simple Exercise You Can Do

You will need:

  1. 2B pencil and sharpener
  2. Stacks of white copy paper
  3. Artist black felt tip sign pen
  4. Photo booth or strip images to print

Then do the following:

Step 1:
Print the photo or photo strip on a sheet of paper

Step 2:
Grab your 2B pencil, sharpen to a flat point, not too sharp

Step 3:
Begin with some shape sketches, not too much detail, keep it loose.

Step 4:
Repeat step 3 but his time add in some more details, you can go over old sketches
or start with fresh paper.

Step 5:
When you have done the above enough times to produce a good rough then it is
time to do finished one with your artist felt tip pen

And that is it.

You will be able to create a nice portfolio of zany goofed up and far out
caricatures in no time.

NB. Remember it is not the quality of your drawing, loose or tight that matters
it is the feelingbehind it that stands out the most. You can do this, not
what skill level you currently have, it is simply and seriously fun with caricatures
that you can’t go wrong if you follow these easy steps to success!


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Good luck with your caricature drawing!


Graeme Biddle
Serious Fun With Caricatures


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