Artist Secrets Exposed

Just Announced: Artist Secrets Exposed

How Two Artists Made Over $5 Million
Working From Home Selling Art

Today March 25 2009, Learn To Draw is proud to announce the most anticipated
event of the year, the soon to be released "Artist Secrets Exposed".

Artist’s Greg Gillespie and Graeme Biddle have decided to reveal all of their
best kept trade secrets, on how they have managed to capitalize on their art
skills and amass personal fortunes of over $5 million dollars. They have decided
to release their secrets in the hope that others may learn how to profit from
their own art talents, and make a good living doing something that is fun and
easy to do.

If you have ever wondered just how to go about making money from your art
skills, then this ebook should prove a very interesting read. If you are able
to tick any of the following boxes then you should find this book a very profitable
read indeed.

Are You:

  • Wondering how to make money from your art, working from home?
  • Keen to make some extra income for the family that won’t take you away
    from them?
  • Recently retrenched or made redundant and the prospect of another job is
    rather dim?
  • Still employed, (for now) and wondering how to get a start in your own
  • Have enough skill to hold a brush and are wondering if this is all it takes
    to make some money?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above then you need to reserve your
copy of "Artist Secrets Exposed". Numbers are limited.

artist secrets exposedGraeme and Greg are going to outline their exact tactics for sizing up a market
via failsafe research on what is currently being bought – not just what people
are trying to sell, preparing sample jobs, prospecting for business, creating
the repeat customer with ease, explore over a dozen different ways of making
money with art that are so easy that it’s like child’s play. No really, some
of their techniques really are child’s play and there is no reason that anybody
with the slightest ability to hold a brush could not profit from their great
ideas for creating art and selling it to a hungry public.

This is not a how guide of all the regular rehashed ideas you could find in
any old community art school, no way. This is art from home in the age of the
Internet, and along with ability to take advantage of these modern wonders
comes their unique way of connecting with like minded folks to help foster
a culture and community that will encourage even the most remote of people
across the globe.

More Than Just A Book

Graeme and Greg have a lot of things planned to help make this a reality for
those who are keen to copy their success. Later in the year in partnership
with Learn To Draw, they will be releasing their Home Art Business course that
will take keen students to the next level via extensive video tutorials and
exact step by step instructions. Included will be easy to follow templates
that take the guess work out of the equation. Students will be given every
assistance to build their very own home based art business. Students who show
promise will be invited to join the personal mentoring program in the area
of their choice. This will be the ultimate hands on personal tuition that will
prove invaluable to those lucky few who rise up through the ranks to launch
themselves onto the world stage as artists in their own right.

Many things are going to come together fast for the keen to learn amongst
us and we are set to hand over the keys to the kingdom for anyone willing to
get their hands covered in paint with the prospect of turning art materials
into cash.

Please let us know your interest by poping your first name and email on this
form below. For those who act quickly, there will be great rewards!


  • Hi, I’m a young 15 year old artist and entrepreneur. I’ve been doing lots of research and would love to publicly vend my caricature art and other homemade items. As a non-Veteran how do i go about vending publicly in New York’s central park, my main concern is whether i need some time of license and how do i get one if needed?

  • I meant to say in my last comment do I need some type of license and if so what do I need to do and how, thank you.

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