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Free Lessons: Charcoal Drawing

To help you learn to loosen up your drawing style, charcoal is a great liberator.

See this drawing of my son Keenan. It was done with a piece of charcoal that

fell out of an open fire. I let it cool down first of course!


mikes face    

Free Lessons

Have a look at what one of our students recently achieved in a simple “Learn
to paint a face”
lesson that took him one hour.

The picture
on the left is how Mike was painting people’s faces before the lesson, the
photo in the middle was the subject of our exercise and the painting on the
right is the result of how Mike learned to paint what was really there and
not what he thought was there in just one hour.

“I am an aspiring artist with little background or skill, but a passion
and desire to put some worthewhile and creative works down on canvas.

Greg Gillespie introduced me to a new and exciting way of portraiture when
he worked through an upside down shadowy face usind a sponge and some different
shadings of colour.

I was pleasantly surprised with the result, so much so that my effort hangs
alongside gregs as a pair, in pride of place on my lounge room wall. The result
was so eerie that some of my friends were quite disturbed by the work.

The lesson took an hour and has led me into exploring creative ways of applying
paint to canvas outside of standard brushwork.

It was great fun and easy, a beginners treasure chest of new adventures.”

Mike Pawley, Collaroy

Our first Free Lesson will
be ready to go really soon.



mikes face  subject  finished product

lesson subject

Before The Lesson


Lesson Subject

lesson results

After The Lesson

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