How to Use this Course

Remember, you get out what you put in!

The more effort you make the higher your rewards – it is entirely up to you. Put in the hard yards and watch what happens – you will be amazed.

What if I miss a day?

Don’t sweat it if you miss a day just pick up the course where you left off and keep going. But remember this also, that to get good at anything you need to practice and practice regularly.

So set aside some time and stick with it, you will thank yourself when you get to the top of the mountain as a successful “Caricature Artist”.

Course Structure

We have laid out the lessons on the following basis:

  1. Video Instruction
  2. Drawings and Example
  3. 3D Poses and Exercises
  4. Written Words and Reference

These are going to show you the best way to progress and are a lot of fun in the process.

Watch out for the following symbols, as they are a guide to take note or do something special.

Video Symbol

This will link you out to a hosted video on the Internet so you will need to have an active Internet connection to view the content. A broadband connection is preferable but you can still manage with a slower connection but naturally this will take a little longer.

Drawing Symbol

When you see this symbol it is designed to let you know that this example or drawing contains vital information about “technique” that you should take special note of and that it is time to “Draw” something.

3D Symbol

When you see this symbol it is alerting you to the fact that the image you see on the page can be manipulated in a true 3 dimensional (3D) manner. That means it is time to “Grab and Drag” on the picture to change the angle of view.

Read Me Symbol

Here is the symbol for text that you need to read. I know reading is not popular these days but some things can only be conveyed by the written word and it also means there is more information available with links to other resources.

Now We Are Ready To GO!

Before we go any further please remember the following…

If for any reason whatsoever you feel that this book has not delivered as promised then I insist that you send us an email and ask for a full refund anywhere up to 12 months since the date of purchase.

If you follow diligently the steps outlined in this ebook, including the video tutorials, the 3D posing exercises and all the tips on making this work for you and you don’t arrive at the point of complete satisfaction then it is your money back no questions asked!

We guarantee that this home study course will deliver exactly what we have promised, and we stand by that promise completely!

Good luck and lets get right into it…

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